150b M’Arcordo… di Muhammad Ali


The Beatles and Muhammad Ali

The Beatles and Muhammad Ali

I have no pictures with Muhammad Ali, though I am sure that somewhere in a drawer of a fan or in a newspaper’s archive I could find one. In order to remember him I borrowed this famous one of him knocking down the Beatles.

I’ve never been interested in boxing, my father was.

For a short time, in the fall of 1980, I worked as a manager for Alitalia in Philadelphia. I stayed in an old hotel, I think it was the Biltmore, convenient, classic, only a block or two from the office.

One night I was meeting a friend for dinner and when she telephoned me that she was waiting for me in the lobby, I was ready. I called the elevator. The door finally opened and I found myself in front of an elegant gentleman, jacket and tie. He was tall, imposing. I smiled and he invited me to enter with a simple gesture.

It was he: Muhammad Ali. He was big. Considering my stature, I really watched him from the bottom up. We continued our descent, no conversation, only another smile when the elevator stopped, we had arrived. We shacked hands

When the door opened, I was hit by a barrage of photo flashes. In the lobby a crowd of journalists and fans had gathered. They were not waiting for me.

My friend, who had witnessed such unexpected triumphant arrival of mine, teased me, she was happy to go to dinner with somebody famous like me.

Nobody wanted my autograph.


Muhammad is dead, this is my way to remember him.


Fausto Braganti


Marblehead, June 4th, 2016

 Ho pubblicato (è già passato un anno) il libro “M’Arcordo…Storie Borghesi” che può essere acquistato nelle librerie di Sansepolcro. Questo è un breve filmato dell’inizio della presentazione del libro avvenuto nella sala consiliare (quella che io chiamo “sala del biliardo”) del Comune di Sansepolcro, 25 aprile 2015. 


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